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I received my massage certification from Palo Alto Body Therapy Center in 1991, followed by certifications in Reflexology, Iridology, Reiki, and Aura Energy Counseling. I give workshops in San Diego, Los Angles, San Francisco, Chico and Vancouver Canada.

I lived in Portola Valley until the age of 12, and attended high school in Vienna Austria, and Geneva Switzerland. My father was an economist who worked for the United Nations, which meant we traveled all over the world moving every two years from country to country. On returning to America I picked up an AA degree at Sierra College and a BA at Chico State University. Both of my parents were into meditation and metaphysics back in the sixties, which was instrumental in who I am today.

My wife and I currently live in Chico, California and have a private office in our home for massage, energy work and workshops. I also have an office in Los Altos, California where I work every other weekend. I love working and teaching people about the healing power of touch, color, sound, thought and light to create positive transformations in all levels.

My parents’ interest in metaphysics inspired me to unlock my natural healing abilities, and search for new and exciting ways to heal, and transform body, mind, and spirit. I now teach and share what I discovered with my family, friends, and clients.

Here is the experience that changed my life forever. When I was 17, I was in a doctors office waiting for a check up when a man came in and begin to complain to everyone who would listen about his painful headache. As soon as I looked at him, I got a massive headache, and he exclaimed, “My headache went away”. He left feeling great and I thought to myself, Wait a minute. this is not my pain! As I said the words, the pain instantly traveled down my spine and legs and into the ground.

I had a paradigm shift that changed my life forever. Energy jumps from person to person all the time constantly seeking balance. The best description of the body is it is a conductor of energy. I had witnessed first hand the power of the body to conduct lower vibrational energy out of the body and into the ground, releasing it instead of holding it inside. Since then I have been facilitating the release of physical and emotional pain and teaching people how to do it themselves. Giving people the power to heal themselves is one of my main goals.

One of my clients wrote this article about me in the December 2003 issue of the magazine Natural Blend.

Impeccable Intuitive
This was the second time I left Bill Gochenour’s doorstep feeling and looking years younger, face and body relaxed, grounded inside my body. Wow! Truckloads of anger, hurt, resentment, and fear had fallen off under his skilled masseur hands. I’ve had hundreds of massages and down many write-ups, marketing and promos and yes, therapies from renowned alternative healers, but Bill’s first two sessions were markedly different, unique, yet so simple—like, Where did he get this stuff? Why wasn’t he world famous yet?

His passion, sincerity, and excitement are authentic. Bill uses sound, and color (and many other things) in simple yet profound ways, as he looks you squarely in the eyes, connecting at your cellular level. His office is full of wonderful tools; essential oils, colored lights, music, crystals, and much more, and he produces a full symphony that resonates with your spirit and soul body, so quickly that in moments you can truly feel yourself and remember who you truly are. DO check him out. His website is www.imperialmassage.co.uk

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