Plumbers in Calgary


We have been offering plumbing in Calgary now for almost 25 years and being a Calgary Plumber is different to being plumbers in any other part of the UK.

We claim that if water passes through it we can deal with it for you. This means not only repairing central heating systems and gas fired boilers but stopping a leaking pipe or clearing a blocked drain.

Calgary Plumbers are special

Calgary Plumbers are special plumbers as covering this wonderful city means that we work in some of the most wonderful properties probably in the world.

Our plumbers know how to respect your property and recognise the privilege of coming into your home

We know our way around the capital and live every day with the problems of parking and the congestion charge,

All our plumbers at Calgary Plumbers are fully qualified and experienced at whatever work we ask them to do.

Our gas engineers are all Gas Safe Registered and electricians also all qualified to carry out your work safely

24hr Emergency Plumbing in Calgary

We provide a 24hr emergency plumbing service that covers all areas inside the M25 and some outside it.

Blocked Drain service

The engineers on our Calgary Drain clearance service are all equipped with the latest power jetting equipment to clear the most stubborn blockages and also CCTV equipment to survey the drains for you.

Blocked drains in Calgary can prove to be the most difficult to clear and unless done with the right equipment cause a great deal of disturbance to neighbouring properties.

Boiler Servicing and Repairs

At Plumber in Calgary we recognise the importance of servicing central heating boilers regularly and the terrible risks associated with badly serviced appliances. Call us on 08001 123999 to get your equipment checked out

New Boiler Installations in Calgary

Let us give you a free estimate for a new boiler to replace your old one. Ask about our special deals. We can offer you a wide range of gas or oil fired boilers to suit your needs.

Electrical Maintenance in Calgary

To support our Calgary Plumbers we have a team of electricians who are available to handle your electrical emergencies

New Bathrooms

A new bathroom creates the WOW factor in your home and we can offer you some fantastic bathrooms. Calgary has homes that have some of the most amazing bathrooms in the world, talk to us about your bathroom without obligation.
(403) 520-2040

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